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This year’s Hae Bang Chon (HBC) May Fest marks the 10th year anniversary of the much loved and established music festival. Taking place on Friday May 22nd and Saturday May 23rd (and conveniently on a three-day weekend this year), this definitive expat and international music festival invites a plethora of independent artists and performers from all over the country - and even other continents - to celebrate their love of music.

Charlie Yin aka Giraffage is an electronic music producer who describes his work as “experimental weird poppy nonsense”. Groove seized the chance to find out a little about the man and his sounds before his upcoming concert in Seoul.

GK: Giraffage? Where’d the name come from? Coincidentally, I taught elementary students in Taiwan many years ago and during a class on animals, my favorite student said I resembled a Giraffe.
What’s your story?

The letters DTSQ adhere to ATMs, lampposts and public toilet walls in Hongdae and Haebangchon.

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Cakeshop’s V.O.G.U.E. invites people of all sartorial, sexual and gender dimensions to a night of sweat and sequins distinguished by a re-emerging dance trend. Begun a little over a year ago by Seb Rousset, Cakeshop sought an LGBT alternative to the K-Pop and house platitudes of “The Hill” in Itaewon. It also sought to be more open to all in its door policy.

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The summer music festival season is officially kicking off this month and what better way to start the fun in the sun with a little booze madness than at the Greenplugged Festival. Located just a hop, skip and a jump away from Hongdae at the Han River Nanji Park, the line-up, with almost 100 musical acts, is sure to appeal to everyone.

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 A Walk down the Boulevard of Broken Guitar Strings...


We speak to people who played, partied and provided the best of the Fest.


Maggie Devlin of BaekMa

BaekMa by Liam Porter

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His Twitter profile reads, “I went from being homeless in Korea to being on a magazine cover. My life is a movie.” For Pinnacle TheHustler, life is anything but normal.

Working and traveling between the U.S. and South Korea, Pinnacle has not only established himself as a premier artist in Korea’s hip-hop scene, but is also highly sought after as a dj and promoter.

“Under the PlanetHustle brand, we’re bringing international djs and artists into Korea and helping the club scene grow, especially in the hip-hop market,” says Pinnacle.

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Returning to its now familiar home of the Olympic Park grounds, the ninth annual Seoul Jazz Festival presents a celebration of music between May 23rd and May 25th.


Over 50 artists have been invited to perform at the much established jazz fest. Despite its name, performers have always branched out beyond the traditional jazz sounds, bringing an eclectic mix of acoustic, jazz funk, rock and pop to the four stages of the event.   


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Dronetonics are Canadian expat Lars Berry and Taipei native Crystal Shien. They run counter to Taiwan’s laid-back, tropical vibe making dark electronic pop that recalls the early ’80s and bands like Bauhaus and Depeche Mode. Dronetonics found a niche in 21st century Taiwan, in festivals, in shampoo ads, in Taipei’s “22 Records”. Nice Legs, an art-pop trio from Seoul, invited them to play in Korea this May. Groove had the chance to talk with Berry about Taipei, vintage synthesizers, and time machines.


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Sir Paul McCartney finally brings his “Out There” tour to Seoul, playing at the Jamsil Sports Complex (Main Stadium) venue on May 2nd in the Hyundai Card Super Concert 20.

Dubbed The McCartney Live Experience, the three hour show will showcase 50 years of music, revisiting songs spanning his solo, Wings, and Beatle backlogs. The “Out There” tour will also revel in his latest release ‘NEW’, the most recent album to reach global success with the hit single title track.