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Featured in Groove Korea March 2011, March 2014, October 2014

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The first weekend of August held the usual bounty of live concerts in Hongdae. A band called At the Gates, one of the most successful Swedish metal groups of all time, was in town. During a decade-long hiatus, they achieved near-mythical status and recently reformed, embarking on a world tour. They sold out venues across North America and headlined festivals such as Wacken in Germany to crowds of more than 80,000 fans.

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Featured in Groove Korea  August 2014

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Featured in Groove Korea March 2011, September 2011, May 2012, October 2012

The HBC Fest has seen it all: rock, punk, hip-hop, folk music, poetry, Shakespearean drama, comedy and even a large balding man painted head to toe in green and smashing watermelons over his head. 

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Ten live venues come together to launch a new monthly live music event

After a four-year hiatus Live Club Day is back. To coincide with the 20th anniversary of indie culture in Hongdae, the live event returned on Feb. 27 offering access to over 40 live performances in ten music venues across Hongdae with the purchase of a single 20,000 won ($18) ticket.

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Painter and drawer Kim Pyeong-joon is in his 60s, but his bright, glowing eyes and soft, smooth complexion belie his age. When he speaks, his voice strikes the air with the clarity of crisp piano notes. Born and raised in Gwangju, his speech carries the region’s charmingly rustic accent. 

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Those who may have missed the spectacle of SXSW while in Seoul may be familiar with the Korean Zandari Festa that takes place each October, turning the streets and alleys of Hongdae into a whirling thoroughfare of dazzling music, dreams and alcohol.

Now two of Seoul's more interesting musical acts have been selected by James Minor, general manager of the famed Austin, Texas, festival, to appear at SXSW this March.

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Expat musicians signed to a label are a rare breed for audiences in Korea, aside from a small group that includes drummer Brad Moore of Busker Busker and guitarists Hasegawa Yohei of Jang Kiha and the Faces and Scott Hellowell of YB. However, multinational indie rock band Magna Fall may be at the forefront of a growth in non-Koreans rocking the local scene. 

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Featured in Groove Korea March 2011, July 2013

Born in Uganda into a musical family — his mother is a celebrated singer, his brother a producer, and his sister a deejay — renowned reggae artist JoshRoy has collaborated with artists both in Korea and abroad. Since arriving to Korea in 2006, he has performed his original fusion reggae music up and down the peninsula. But he didn’t jump straight in; it took him a while to get into the music scene here.

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Korea is welcoming diversity

As Korea’s music and arts scenes have steadily evolved over the last decade, the influx of foreigners has driven multiculturalism and created an opportunity for Korea to embrace the unknown. Seoul’s university area of Hongdae has earned its title as an indie haven whose diverse urban arts and underground music acts have helped put Seoul on the map as one of the coolest expat cities in Asia.