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Posted 1 week 2 days ago by Emilee Jennings

After first hearing about Korea through his Korean pen pal Helen Kim in the late ’90s, Ronn Branton grew more interested in the country he knew little about. After emails flew back and forth, the two started to feel a deeper connection. The pen pal later became his wife and they built a concert-planning company together. His musical talents and her gift for marketing were the perfect combination. “She has her own way of being creative,” Branton says. “We argue sometimes, but I can argue with someone who gets it. She has a skill set that no one else I’ve met over here has.” 

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(Listen to GrooveCast host Chance Dorland's interview with Jasmine Sohn of SoFar Sounds Seoul on the podcast player below!)

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Groove Korea is teaming up with NYK Media Group to present GrooveVision, a new video series. This month, GrooveVision presents Part Time Cooks. Check it out.


Mixing smooth hip-hop beats with feel-good vibes from the ’90s, Saul Goode and Black Moss, two of the rappers behind Part Time Cooks, have gained a consistent following through their dynamic performances and songs that transcend language barriers. 

Posted 1 month 6 days ago by Gabi Eliasoph

Meet Cannibal Heart, a North American-Korean alternative rock band based in Seoul. With Joey Mercadante on vocals, Andoni Flores on bass, Do Jung-ho (Johnny) on lead guitar and Jay Bee on drums, they make one kick-ass band. They recently added two new members and say this is really transforming their sound. They’re planning on recording soon, but in the meantime they’ve been making a name for themselves by performing at FF, Freebird, Woodstock and Club Jammers in Hongdae. All questions are answered collectively by Cannibal Heart.

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Groove Korea debuts music showcase with Dan Deacon live on Nov. 28

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Win tickets to Wild Beasts by purchasing early-bird tickets to Dan Deacon. (More info)


Domino’s stellar lads the Wild Beasts will make a special surprise pop-up show with M̶Y̶ ̶S̶A̶M̶E̶ ̶I̶N̶K̶ in Seoul to support their newest album, “Present Tense.”

It is a dramatically new album, taking cues from the most intense and effervescent of 1980s and 1990s electronic sound, but rethinking and retooling these elements with exquisite detail for the 21st century.

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(Listen to GrooveCast host Chance Dorland's interview with "Broke In Korea" punk magazine creator Jon Dunbar and "…Whatever That Means" band member Jeff Moses on the podcast player below!)

At the end of a long alley in Hongdae, at Double A Studios, it’s time for Birthday Party Like Shit II.