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March is here, and with that comes melting snow, the first sight of cherry blossoms and, of course, St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re celebrating your first St.

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Every year, hundreds of thousands swarm to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, to experience film, comedy, music and general entertainment. One of the biggest draws, no doubt, is the numerous bands showcased on its multiple (and highly publicized) stages. 

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New Blue Death is a band that belts out broody yet simultaneously bright sounds to appreciative audiences in Seoul. The band’s six members have all been living in Korea for a while now. Some came to teach and some came to learn, but they all are passionate about creating music that continues to evolve and diversify.

Posted 1 month 2 weeks ago by S Michael Ersing

There is a new concert/festival/label family in town. Debuting under the name Lasrevinu, the new organizers are bringing American post-rock group Explosions in the Sky and electronic musician Baths to Seoul this spring.

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It all started out with an invite-only party in London.

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On certain nights at a little club in Hongdae, y

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The table is set with psychedelic placemats, loud noise pop and four musicians playing experimental indie rock.

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The first weekend of August held the usual bounty of live concerts in Hongdae. A band called At the Gates, one of the most successful Swedish metal groups of all time, was in town. During a decade-long hiatus, they achieved near-mythical status and recently reformed, embarking on a world tour. They sold out venues across North America and headlined festivals such as Wacken in Germany to crowds of more than 80,000 fans.

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Listening to Hellivision’s music is like going on an unplanned road trip. It starts off slow, with some anticipation. The scenery stays the same, the sun is out, everyone is relaxed and a joint wouldn’t be out of place. There’s a detour ahead, and no one knows which way the car will turn until the last minute when they veer off into unknown territory. Then things speed up. All of a sudden dreads are flying, heads are banging and Hellivision’s sound is all-encompassing. They have arrived.