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Maggie Devlin

guitar, vocals

Stephanie Bankston

synth, vocals

Mike McGrath


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The lounge we settle into is dotted with several disengaged couples. The candlelight glints off their phones in the dimly lit booths. Pop music blares through the sound system, a stark shift from the eclectically infectious rhythms that Pentasonic had just poured out a few minutes earlier.

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Seoul’s favorite expat festival set for May 16-18

The HBC May festival is the definitive expat music festival of the spring/summer, and is the largest independent artist showcase in Korea. This year’s lineup features 100 live acts in 16 independent venues, spanning from Haebangchon to neighboring Gyeongnidan in Yongsan-gu.

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The Godfathers of Korean Punk

Crying  Nut

Yoonsik Park

Guitar and vocals

Kyungrok Han a.k.a. Captain Rock

Bass and vocals

Sangmyun Lee

Posted 2 months 3 weeks ago by Albert Kim

     Acoustic/soul-legend multiplatinum singer-songwriter John Mayer will perform in Seoul for the first time on May 6.

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     Stares can be a bit disconcerting when riding the Seoul subway, so I put in my earbuds, close my eyes and let the relaxing waves of Yukari’s electro-pop take me elsewhere.

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March is here, and with that comes melting snow, the first sight of cherry blossoms and, of course, St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re celebrating your first St.

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Every year, hundreds of thousands swarm to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, to experience film, comedy, music and general entertainment. One of the biggest draws, no doubt, is the numerous bands showcased on its multiple (and highly publicized) stages. 

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New Blue Death is a band that belts out broody yet simultaneously bright sounds to appreciative audiences in Seoul. The band’s six members have all been living in Korea for a while now. Some came to teach and some came to learn, but they all are passionate about creating music that continues to evolve and diversify.

Posted 4 months 3 weeks ago by S Michael Ersing

There is a new concert/festival/label family in town. Debuting under the name Lasrevinu, the new organizers are bringing American post-rock group Explosions in the Sky and electronic musician Baths to Seoul this spring.